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My mom got me fish!

Unfortunately, I think they're scared of me, because they flee to the back corner of the tank when I get too close to it. I have to watch them from 2 feet away, approximately.


Yard sale?

I'd really like to have a yard sale but, sadly, I do not have a yard.
Is there anyone out there who _does_ have a yard, and might want to have a sale with me?

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Given that I'm trying to whittle down some sizable debt, and given the fact that I've been toying with the idea of making an expensive, difficult move, I feel like it's time to let go of some stuff...Namely: my flue and piccolo. I've tried to do it a couple of times, but I can't ever seem to fully commit to the idea.

I can rationalize keeping them just fine. After all, if I do decide to take up music again, it's not like I can afford a new instrument. And music was really good for me. And how much money could I make selling musical instruments pushing nearly 10 years of age anyway? But really, starting up again doesn't seem all that likely.

I guess they just feel really important to me. Relics from an important time.

I should just go ahead and sell them for whatever I can get, shouldn't I? If I wasn't so strapped for cash, I'd donate them, but I just can't bear that level of charity right now.

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The last couple of days, I've been thinking about the possibility of moving. Like, really moving. Moving to an entirely different area of CONUS. Considering it for several reasons, but most of all, because I think my brain might need to see some new things, and I'm scared that I'm playing it too safe. I don't want to get old without having taken some interesting chances. My head is a swirling vortex of pros and cons. Stay with what's comfortable and good, or throw the dice (and pile of money, for moving expenses) and try something new?

news and notes.

Three things I liked before they were super popular:
* Dr. Bronner's magic soap
* Threadless tees
I know it's often douchey to say, I liked it before it was cool, but I just wanted to put it out there.

My cat is an evil devil, but I love her dearly. She is so warm, and soft, and has a perfect record with defecating in her designated spot.

It is too effing cold outside. In related news, as I was entering Trader Joe's this evening, I spotted today's douchebag of the day.™ This chick is sitting in the passenger seat of a BMW convertible, parked, tapping on her smart phone, with the top down, and with the engine running! (presumably because she was running the heater, because, ummmm, the top was down and it was 35 degrees). I would have just let it go, and chalked it up to momentary environmental hostility for the case of convenience, except--except, the car was still running idle when I came back out of Trader Joe's, like, 20 minutes later! It was a heinous mix of conspicuous consumption and disregard for the environment. So...this woman, and the driver of the BMW win today's honor.
roast beef

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Despite good intentions and earnest effort, today has been what the internet might call, "EPIC FAIL." Fortunately, it seems that odds are quite good that I'll live to see tomorrow, so I can't really complain.

What the eff is up with this fog? I saw three accidents within the space of just a couple of hours, and a wandering homeless dude come within a handful of inches of being flattened.

If, in the theoretical world of stupid questions, you were forced to give up either real butter or real sugar, which would you choose?

I spent some time playing with Photoshop today...namely, the liquefy filter. I think I got a bit better using it. What this means, basically, is that I'm downloading pictures of you off facebook and making you look really fat.

Random anecdote about race and crayons.

When I was in first grade, I remember coloring a lot of famous historical figures as we learned about them. Learn about Benjamin Franklin, color Benjamin Franklin. Learn about Abraham Lincoln, color Abraham Lincoln, etc... So when we learned about Martin Luther King Jr., it was only natural that we colored a portrait of him as well. So we learned about how he was an important black civil rights leader, and then we were handed out our monochromatic portraits of MLK. Some kids colored in his skin with black crayon, some with brown crayon, and some with the same peach crayon they would have used for Benjamin Franklin.